We aim to bridge the gap between customers and suppliers. Blue Train Investment was established and ran by the youth. The Company came into being due to meet industry demands and underlying expectation of the future, as a result the founding members established this organization with big ambitions of establishing a pioneer enterprise that seek to replace the need in the industry.


It is our vision to establish as well as maintain long term mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers that grow from strength to strength while consistently providing unparalleled service with the highest possible quality at competitive rates and assuring our customers of the shortest possible collection, repair and delivery turnaround times in the industry.


Dependable Accountability Ownership Sustainability Optimum Proficiency


It is our mission to ensure that our level of Quality and service will exceed all our customers’ expectations.


Blue Train Investment is totally client driven, we tailor make our services to the client’s exact specifications, providing highly efficient products in the health, industrial and safety field.


Our strategy is to Innovate, Quantify and Orchestrate our business as a whole, ultimately revolutionizing the supply chain. We believe in partnerships that are based on trust, ethics, integrity and respect for others. It is this belief that forms the cornerstone of our commitment to forming sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with our business partners.

We like to believe that we do things differently. We treat our customers differently, as individuals, catering for their individual needs while striving to contain costs.